AC and Covid-19

Our latest blog comes courtesy of Vent-Tech, an experienced ventilation provider and an approved EcoCooling installer. This topical post quashes the unqualified rumours about the safety of air conditioning systems and COVID-19.

What’s the truth about air conditioning and COVID-19?

There have been a lot of posts on social media and some scaremongering in the press around the spread of COVID-19 and air-conditioning (AC) systems. We now have the latest Building Engineering and Services Association (BESA) that provides advice on AC units.

The advice states that they do need to be serviced but nothing out of the ordinary.

Where possible you should run systems on full fresh air, as this will dilute the contaminant in the air. This form of control measure is already widely used in industrial ventilation systems.

The correct precautions should be used when changing filters (suitable PPE including RPE, bag and seal the dirty filters etc).

Warm soapy water should be used to clean washable filters – there is no need for special disinfectants.

From what we have seen here at Vent-Tech, no professional organisation is telling you to disinfect your ducting or AC units. Whether its CIBSE, BESA, BOHS or REHVA, the advice is:

  1. Run your system on full fresh air, do not recirculate
  2. Service systems as per best practice advice

This is nothing new and is routine for proficient companies and professionals carrying out this type of work.

If you want further advice on this, download the BESA guidelines here or get in touch via the below details:
01284 810586