Boden Type One DC

We are pleased to announce the BodenTypeDC One data centre facility has been officially approved for operation by Swedish local authorities. The approval is a significant milestone for the H2020 funded project, which aims to prototype a data centre design which can be replicated simply and cost effectively. The issuing authorities – County Administrative Board (Länsstyrelsen) and Local Municipality (Bodens Commun) have approved the building’s appearance, deeming it in keeping with local building aesthetics.  Despite the international roots of our consortium we have successfully built a very Swedish looking data centre!

Boden Type One DC

BodenTypeOne DC

In other BTDC news, the security and remote operation systems of the BTDC One facility have now been installed and operational testing has begun. 16 live security cameras currently allow visual remote monitoring of the general operation of the facility while arrangements for remote monitoring and operation at the equipment level are being finalised.

One of the biggest challenges for the project is establishing and monitoring the BTDC as a ‘dark facility’. A ‘dark’ facility is almost exclusively administered remotely through lights-out management (LOM).

Watch this space – EcoCooling will be attending the data centre inauguration ceremony in Boden next week.

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