Herman Miller space cooling evaporative cooling installation

Based in Melksham’s Bowerhill, leading global manufacturer of office furniture, Herman Miller is a superb example of how innovation within energy efficient technologies can not only improve the working environment, but save costs from a company’s bottom line.

Heating, ventilation and cooling play a crucial role in the working environment for most buildings and especially within a manufacturing facility.  EcoCooling used its years of evaporative cooling experience to guide the design of an energy efficient cooling system at the 170,000 square foot site, known as PortalMill.

Nine Evaporative Cooling Systems were installed for the manufacturing space – enabling control of the air temperature and humidity levels in the assembly and manufacturing machine areas; acting as a recirculation system for winter and a ventilator or evaporative cooling system for the summer.

 “The major benefit of this new ventilation is the improvement in the working environment for the operations team, due to the zonal control of ventilation and cooling. In addition, there will be a reduction in electricity consumption”.

Martin Waller, Head of Engineering & Quality – EMEA at Herman Miller

Corsham-based SMARTech energy’s team took five weeks to finalise the project – which included laying more than seven miles of cable throughout the facility.  MD of SMARTech energy, Stuart Pearce said “Evaporative cooling is a completely natural way of producing refreshing cool air and only runs at 10% of the running cost of air conditioning.  The costs to cool and maintain a system over this area is expected to run at £3.15 per hour for supply and extraction”.

“Government legislations and the pressure of corporate social responsibility on industrial sites, means energy efficient technologies such as evaporative cooling and LED lighting, to name a couple of examples, has never been so important in terms of both carbon reduction and the energy savings made”.

Stuart Pearce, MD of SMARTech energy

The cooling solution will improve the working environment for its staff and deliver significant energy savings to the company.


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photo credit: fotohaus