GO Outdoors, the UKs largest outdoor store, has contracted the installation of EcoCooling evaporative cooling equipment in another 9 of its stores.  Working with installer Celsius Design, the contract was awarded based on the success of existing ECP equipment in 13 sites across the UK.  The EcoCoolers have been running for over 2 years in some of these sites and GO Outdoors have experienced close to no faults or maintenance call outs.

“Celsius installed all the EcoCooling systems during normal trading hours with no downtime or disruption to trading. The systems work very well and have vastly improved conditions in the stores for our customers and staff, hence the reason we have installed the second phase of systems”.

Alistair Reid, Facilities, Energy and Environment Manager , GO Outdoors Ltd

In the summer months, rising temperatures in stores had resulted in some uncomfortable conditions for staff and customers.  The EcoCooling evaporative cooling solution provided the stores with a cost effective fresh air cooling system which could provide cool, fresh air to the stores all year around without the need for refrigeration-based equipment.  A single small EcoCooler can provide cooling for 250sqm of factory or warehouse floor with a power draw of 13A single phase.

After the next phase of 9 stores, GO Outdoors will have over 70 ECP EcoCoolers installed across their estate, keeping temperatures under 25C all year round and ensuring the store environment is fresh and cool.

Celsius Design are EcoCooling approved installers and maintenance providers who work across the UK in both the industrial and data centre cooling markets.  For more information please see websites below.


‘We are delighted that GO Outdoors has chosen our ECP range to roll out in their next few stores.  The product is the go-to cooler for the industrial market due to its simple design and maintainability as well as its energy efficiency.”

EcoCooling Sales Manager Emma Beresford


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