EcoCooling and Hydro66 have collaborated on another exciting project at their colocation data centre in Sweden. This is now the third data hall using EcoCooling equipment for the award-winning colocation providers. This new 4 MW hall is specifically designed to house high density, High Performance Computing while also maintaining a zero-carbon footprint, making it one of the most efficient centres in the world.

The DH3 facility is located in Boden, in the far North of Sweden, where the cool climate allows the CloudCooler product to achieve the highest efficiencies without the need for any refrigeration backup. In this location the CloudCooler ECV (free cooler) can maintain compliant conditions with pure fresh air without the need for additional evaporative cooling.

One of the most exciting developments of this new project is that the new 4 MW data hall layout only requires 60 CloudCoolers. The coolers provide a total of 300m3/s of attemperated air which is enough to support a vast range of computing equipment including ASIC’s, GPU’s and other High-Performance Computing equipment. This HPC equipment is typically used to drive a number of new technologies such as VR, AI, IoT and blockchain.

The increased demand by clients for this new breed of technology was the main driver behind Hydro66 opening the new data hall. The use of local renewable energy, combined with the super-efficient new CloudCoolers has allowed Hydro66 to continue growing and maintaining world-class efficiency on their site.

Data Hall Three is only the third hall built out of a projected 14 hall facility. We are pleased to say that Data Hall Four is already under construction and is set to come online in May, again using the EcoCooling’s CloudCooler technology.

Managing Director, Alan Beresford has stated that the partnership between EcoCooling and Hydro66 has developed significantly and both parties are working together to achieve the most efficient, flexible and scalable outcome.

“Hydro66 is a cutting-edge facility dealing in the latest technologies. We are happy to be able to work in a partnership with to them reduce their operational cooling costs by innovating not only the design of the cooling system but the layout of the facility itself. Our philosophy of minimising energy use through simple design and installation complements Hydro66’s green approach which has so successfully shaken up the colocation market.” said Mr Beresford.

The final product used for the Hydro66 installation is the ECV Nordic CloudCooler® by EcoCooling. The plug and play ventilation unit allows for rapid installation without plumbing requirements, only electricity and network connections. The unit is operationally proven in the Nordic climate (2 MW installed) with 100% in-service compliance on temperature.

At EcoCooling its our mission to save the world 1% of its total electricity bill.

Alex Chiolo, Hydro66 Director of Design & Engineering commented: “Our mission is to create the most cost-effective data center designed for the client application. Joint product development with EcoCooling has enabled us to push what’s possible in many aspects including rack power density, total cost of operation and electrical and water efficiency overheads. All of this together creates a tightly controlled data center environment at a remarkable price for our clients. We look forward to scaling this new design out with EcoCooling and continuing to evolve data center design standards.”