EcoCooling is forever growing and expanding with over 4500 installations globally and more on the way. The latest expansion of EcoCooling is a reemergence of EcoCooling France and the new French website for installers and end users.

The new French website has everything EcoCooling can offer in terms of information, products, case studies and much more. The new French site is available to all interested at and has all information translated into French.

EcoCooling French marketing executive Guillaume Duplenne stated that he was excited to see EcoCooling France make a comeback.

“The new French website will give customers in France translated information about EcoCooling products and services, it’s encouraging to see EcoCooling grow as a company and the French website and rival of EcoCooling France is just another step forward,” said Mr Duplenne.

This wouldn’t be the first time that EcoCooling has stepped into the French market after completing several installations in France. The new website hopes to increase traffic to the site in France and therefore increase the number of installations in the French sector.

As with other installations globally, EcoCooling will be able to save customers up to 90% of there operational cooling costs as well as significantly reduce carbon emissions caused by traditional refrigeration.

EcoCooling have over 15 years of experience in evaporative cooling, the company is continually growing and expanding into new areas.

For more information about French EcoCooling products or installations including; warehouses, factories, data centres and general cooling applications, head to the new French website at

At EcoCooling it’s our mission to save the world 1% of its total power bill.