EcoCooling is excited to announce their attendance at Data Centre Dynamics “Energy Smart” event in Stockholm, Sweden on March 13.

The Energy Smart event in 2018 will have a large focus on cryptocurrency and in particular gather bitcoin mining executives together with data centre experts to discuss how the energy demands of bitcoin mining are affecting data centre design, and how operators can seize the opportunities presented by the bitcoin wave.

EcoCooling’s new range of modular plug and play CloudCooler® units will be the topic of discussion as the revolutionary direct fresh air technology is significantly able to help reduce operational cooling costs as well as environmental impact.

The modular cooling units are designed specifically for use in data centre environments and the simple installation and maintenance requirements make them ideal for rapid deployment into large facilities. The products utilise the latest fan technology while the patented control system automatically adjusts airflow to achieve optimum operating efficiency and compliant environmental conditions.  The ECV free cooling range is proving increasingly popular with operators looking to cool ASIC or GPUs in large-scale cryptocurrency mining facilities.

The Energy Smart Summit is part of a global series that brings together data centre operators and energy providers to discuss how together they can leverage advanced and integrated tech to become “energy smart”. Advancements in software-defined, open source, AI, and highly efficient UPS technologies, to smart grid integration and green power resource, are accelerating the industry towards smart everything, linking the silicon chip all the way to the power station.

Sales and Marketing Manager, Emma Beresford stated that she was extremely excited about the event in Sweden.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to speak with leaders in the industry about the latest trends, including the recently booming cryptocurrency mining market.”