ECT10800 CloudCooler - energy efficient adiabatic cooling and humidificationEcoCooling has walked away with a high commendation at the 13th annual RAC Cooling Industry Awards held in London.

Unlucky not to receive top prize in the ‘Air Conditioning Innovation – Chillers and Data Centres’ category, EcoCooling were privileged to walk away with a High Commendation from the industry’s biggest and most-respected event.

Sales and Marketing Manager for EcoCooling, Emma Beresford stated that she was thrilled with the result and was excited to be acknowledged after the new range of CloudCooler® products were announced.

“It’s incredible to be recognised in the industry and we are privileged to receive a high commendation.”

“We were thrilled to be shortlisted as finalists so to come away with this result is fantastic and we are extremely happy about the outcome,” said Ms Beresford.

The award was based on the work EcoCooling has done with the Hydro66 data centre in Sweden. EcoCooling supplied innovative cooling solutions for the Data Centre to help them achieve a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of 1.07.

Alex Chiolo, Hydro66 operations director stated that has was very fortunate to find EcoCooling who were able to exceed his expectations.

“Not only in terms of pure efficiency of their equipment, but more importantly their desire and capability to enhance their solutions to our specific use case,” said Mr Chiolo.

EcoCooling have made strong advances in Air Condition Innovation, with over 15 years of experience in the industry. The recent acknowledgement highlights their development and shows a clear eagerness to keep moving forward and improve their products.

The High Commendation comes after the recent announcement of EcoCooling’s new CloudCooler® range of products.

The modular units combine ventilation, evaporative cooling and humidification to provide operators with simple cooling solutions that are easy to install, maintain and operate.

The new technology allows for direct free cooling, remote commissioning, automated temperature control as well as a plug and play solution.

Quality resources and years of experience have provided the perfect platform for EcoCooling’s new product. The adaptability and willingness to work with clients are what set EcoCooling apart.

Along with a goal of saving one percent of the total energy bill for the entire U.K. EcoCooling now has aims to go one better next year and claim the top prize at the RAC Cooling Awards.