Phase two of the Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) has been announced with organisations encouraged to start their compliance applications as soon as possible.

The National Energy Foundation is urging businesses to start now and be compliant on time as almost 40% of organisations still weren’t compliant 4 months after the Phase 1 deadline and fines.

While the deadline is not until 5 December 2019, businesses and organisations are encouraged to submit their applications now and help spread the cost of ESOS compliance.

Organisations can achieve significant financial savings by improving energy efficiency, as forecast predicts electricity prices will rise 25% by 2020. EcoCooling’s installers are working with businesses to conduct energy audits in compliance with ESOS to identify energy efficiency and energy management opportunities. This includes proposing viable evaporative cooling projects in either industrial, IT or commercial cooling scenarios.

EcoCooling’s cutting edge evaporative cooling systems are one of the energy saving technologies which can lead to reduced energy consumption for businesses. Evaporative cooling is a simple, safe and natural alternative to refrigeration which can result in up to 90% reduction in operational cooling costs.

Contact sales@ecocooling for a list of installers who are currently performing Energy Management Surveys.