EcoCooling has announced a new range of evaporative cooling products with the new CloudCooler® range Designed for large scale data centers with rapid deployment strategies. The CloudCooler® is also available in a Nordic grade material allowing it to operate in very cold climates including areas within the Nordics and Arctic Circle.

Market leaders in evaporative cooling, EcoCooling, have drawn on their 15 years of experience to create a simple unit with unparalleled efficiency set to reduce cooling costs by up to 90 percent when compared to traditional refrigeration.

The modular units combine ventilation, with optional evaporative cooling and humidification to provide operators with simple cooling solutions that are easy to install, maintain and operate.
The new technology allows for direct free cooling, remote commissioning, automated temperature control for the plug and play unit.

EcoCooling managing director, Alan Beresford stated that he was thrilled with the new product and excited about the potential of expanding business in the Nordics.
“The new CloudCooler® provides a unique opportunity for cryptocurrency miners and data center operators to exploit fresh air cooling in the NordicsThis will provide them with the lowest capital and operating costs as well as the fastest deployment solution,” said Mr Beresford.

With the ability to withstand cold climates, the CloudCooler® products are an exciting and innovative cooling system for the many emerging data centers looking to capitalise on the green energy available in the Nordics.

CloudCooler® products were recently able to achieve a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of 1.05 for Hyrdo66, a large-scale data center located in Bogen, Sweden. Alex Chiolo, Hydro66 operations director stated that has was very fortunate to find EcoCooling who were able to exceed his expectations.

Not only in terms of pure efficiency of their equipment, but more importantly their desire and capability to enhance their solutions to our specific use case” said Mr Chiolo.

Quality resources and years of experience have provided the perfect platform for EcoCooling’s new product. The adaptability and willingness to work with clients are what set EcoCooling apart.

With a goal of saving one percent of the total energy bill for the entire U.K. EcoCooling is now expanding into further markets and hopes the CloudCooler® range will be able to make a difference globally and reduce energy costs of large scale operations.