Wetbox Evaporative Cooler

Wetbox Evaporative Cooler


This cooler is based upon the ECPD unit but has no fan motor assembly It is designed for the pre-cooling of existing air handling systems or where higher duty fans are required. Wet boxes can be supplied in down, side or top configurations.

Control - A wall control is supplied with the cooler which is fully connectable to any existing BMS system. This is normally connected to a thermostat to give automatic control. There is also a facility to connect to a timer, humidistat and fire alarm contact. An internal relay is also available to drive an external fan. The controller provides an integrated commissioning and maintenance cleaning sequence which provides a fault alarm code.
In addition appropriate contacts are used so that the water circulation, and hence cooling, is enabled when the following conditions exist.

  • the air handler is running
  • the air handler is in full fresh air mode
  • the ambient temperature is above a set point (typically 15°C)

For more details on control please visit our control section.

Water Control - A patented water control system using a 4 probe system prevents excess water usage and ensures that the tank is drained completely to prevent the build-up of bacteria in the sump.

The ECPS is classed as LOW risk with regards to Legionella but in line with health and safety regulations a full legionella risk assessment can be provided when the units are commissioned should this be required.
Availability - stocked item

Design - EcoCooling will provide design support as each application is unique. An Excel design program is available upon request.
Nominal pressure drop and maximum flow rate :

down and top discharge: 52Pa@14440cum/hr maximum flow rate
side discharge 52Pa@10800cum/hr maximum flow rate

Weight - dry 45kg operating 82kg
Electricity supply - 240v 50Hz 3A running

For more information on specification for different coolers please see other specification sheets.

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Ecocooling economical evaporative coolingEcocooling economical evaporative cooling Evaporative Cooling from EcoCooling .... a Low Energy, Low Carbon Alternative to Air-Conditioning

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