Noise Control

An EcoCooler generates 74dB at 3m at the standard fan speed of 1340rpm.  For the purposes of attenuator design the sound spectrum is:                                                                                            


Noise Level

















Noise can be reduced during commissioning to:

  • Dip Switch 6, 1200rpm max; 69dB
  • Dip Switch 7, 1000rpm max; 64dB

Noise levels can be reduced by 6dB by the use of a sickle bladed fan which is an optional extra.

The fan, complete with venturi, can be located into a flat plate.  The template for this is available from EcoCooling.

 Noise control

The need for quieter cooling has increased due to our divergence into the cooling of data centres and offices, where noise is a factor that can affect the environment of nearby workplaces and therefore the success of the system.

Developing reduction techniques to maintain the lowest possible noise levels for coolers required alternations to several different parts of the system.  The sound of the fan and vibrations of the cooler, often magnified by ductwork, are the main focus points of the noise reduction measures. There are 2 optional additional noise reducing components that can be supplied with your EcoCooling unit and several other methods can be applied to the system, 2 of which are highlighted here and are often used in synergy with the unit based solutions.

  • Anti-vibration mounts - These are attached to the EcoCooler pre-delivery and reduce the noise of the fan vibrating through the cooler.
  • Sickle bladed Fan -  These have been specially developed to create less noise than the standard black fans provided in our coolers but still run on the same running costs.
  • Sound Attenuation Foam -   This is mainly supplied for internal ducting to prevent the sound of air through the duct into the building and also reduces resonance noise from the ductwork directly.
  • Sound Attenuated Box – These isolate the cooler away from the working area as seen at Bristol City Council call centre.  This provides an individual room for the cooler, which can be surrounded by sound attenuated walls therefore reducing noise in the office from the fan. Link to Bristol City Council case study.
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