Evaporative Cooling Configuration

Whilst it is possible to install the coolers without any modification to the control system there is the possibility to customise the performance using the dip switches contained on the printed circuit board in the control panel.

Evaporative Cooling configuration
Evaporative Cooling configuration

The default settings and their functions are shown below:

Switch Default Function
1 Off Pre Cool Cycle – Allows the pad to wet for 5 minutes before fan starts
2 Off Salinity 1
3 On Salinity 2
4 On Salinity 3
5 Off 24 hr dry cycle – Sets the cooler to dry out completely every 24 hrs
6 Off Off speed 1390 On max speed 1200
7 Off Off speed 1390 On max speed 1000
8 Off Enables complete stop in Auto instead of remaining at speed 1/vent


The default salinity setting is 30% bleed which is suitable for most mains water supplies. A range of 18% to 56% are available.

The spare output on the printed circuit board is available to control a ventilation fan which will run whenever the cooler is operational.

The LED will display the last alarm condition should one have occurred.


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