EcoCooling joins the Node Pole Alliance
April 2015

Ecocooling joins the Node Pole Alliance

EcoCooling, the leaders in direct-air evaporative cooling, has joined the Node Pole Alliance, an active international network of over 80 world leading knowledge partners coming together to build the data centres of the future.

Ecocooling joins the Node Pole Alliance

The Node Pole region encompasses three municipalities in the very north of Sweden, just by the Arctic Circle, and has the potential to become a global hub for data traffic. This is mostly due to its reliable power infrastructure, the ample supply of low cost renewable hydroelectric energy and low air temperatures ideal for natural cooling.

The Alliance members are companies from the technology and construction sectors who combine their knowledge and experience to build world-class data centres.

"We are very proud to have been able to join the Node Pole Alliance", said Alan Beresford, MD at EcoCooling. "The direct-air evaporative cooling systems we have developed are ideal for the climate in the Node Pole region and make the most of the resources available."

Air temperatures so close to the Arctic Circle are not only cool enough to make refrigeration in data centres redundant – they can even be too cold for the IT equipment. Some systems shut down if the temperature drops below 14 degrees Celsius. EcoCooling has designed patented control systems and atemperation processes to keep the cooling air within a tightly controlled temperature band – typically 18 to 21 degrees Celsius.

By joining the Node Pole Alliance EcoCooling will work alongside some of the most innovative companies like Hydro66, Vattenfall, Facebook, KnC Miner and ABB.

EcoCooling Showcasing latest cooling technology at DCW

New Internal Evaporative Cooler from EcocoolingEcoCooling, the leaders in ultra-low PUE direct evaporative cooling and ventilation systems will exhibit their latest cooling technology on Stand D40 at Data Centre World Conference & Expo on 11 and 12 March.

On the stand will be new ECT5400 internal cooler, EcoCooling's energy efficient alternative to the CRAC for clients wanting the look and feel of a CRAC unit but the efficiency and cost savings of direct evaporative cooling. The ECT5400 can provide 15kW of cooling for a mere 300W of electricity, 725 of a larger 35kW version of this unit have already been deployed across 64 locations for a major telecoms operator.

EcoCooling will showcase its robust approach to the control of data centre cooling systems. Instead of heaping complexity upon complexity by using very expensive bespoke control electronics, the company deploys simple but powerful commercial PLC controllers with fail-over by simple relay sets to a fail-safe operating condition.

Says Alan Beresford, EcoCooling's managing director: "Over complication leads to greater vulnerabilities. We went back to the drawing board and developed a simple but safe control philosophy that delivers more reliability and more statistical records than systems twenty times the cost."

Alan Beresford, managing and technical director of EcoCooling will deliver a presentation at the conference (Day 1, Energy Efficiency Theatre, 15:15–15:40) where he will discuss the future of the technology. Controversially he will ask whether there is actually a need for active cooling in some UK data centres, explore the effects of fresh air cooling on IT hardware and security, drawing from analysis on over 350 EcoCooling installations all over the UK, and discuss the changing mentalities of both operators, end clients and server manufacturers and to evaluate what possibilities lie ahead.

Saving energy and reducing carbon is a major issue in the data centre sector with increased focus on lowering PUE. EcoCooling's direct-air evaporative cooling can help data centre operators achieve a PUE of 1.05. EcoCooling's expert at the stand will explain how.

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New Data Centre Cooling solution with major savings

New Cooling Solution Brings Major Savings To Telecoms And Server Rooms

For several years now Data Centres have been cutting the cost of cooling by 80 to 90 per cent thanks to direct-air evaporative cooling.

Market leader EcoCooling has now developed a smaller unit ideal for the telecoms room and small server rooms which have historically been some of the most expensive locations to cool due to the highly inefficient and often unsuitable refrigeration cooling units deployed. READ MORE

If you would like to receive the technical specification sheet for our 15kW prototype or have any feedback please contact us at


As 200th Installation Announced, Direct-Air Evaporative Cooling Becomes Mainstream

EcoCooling, the leaders in direct-air evaporative cooling today revealed they have completed their 200th data centre cooling installation using the energy saving technology.

"Using CRECs (computer room evaporative coolers) instead of the conventional CRAC units (computer room air conditioning units) can save over 90 per cent of the energy needed to cool a data centre," said EcoCooling managing and technical director Alan Beresford, "we are very pleased to announce Serve The World as the 200th data centre to adopt this solution at its 600kW Oslo facility in Norway."

Read more about our 200th installation


Safehosts London City Data Centre opens using wall hugging cooling strategy Read more about effective data centre cooling from Ecocooling

SAFE HOSTS LONDON - data centre cooling

Safehosts London City Data Centre opens with a 1.06 PUE. What's very light, hardly eats, sits outside and loves the heat Read more about effective data centre cooling from Ecocooling

UNIVERSITY CHALLENGE - data centre cooling

When an upgrade was required to Nottingham Trent University's IT System was required it provided an opportunity to introduce a more energy efficient cooling service for its data centre. Scott Brooks outlines the project

CCS goes for the Eco Cooling effect

NTERNET service provider CCS has invested in an eco-friendly evaporative cooling system to cool a new data centre in Leeds. Read what Managing Director Peter Knapp had to say .....

Computer Room Evaporative Cooling

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Computer Room Evaporative Cooling (CREC) CALCULATOR

Use our new NEW Computer Room Evaporative Cooling (CREC) calculator to find out just how much you can save in terms of both Carbon and Cash.


2.5 MW data centre is kept cool by evaporative cooling
Published: October 2010

Only when the outdoor temperature rises above 16°C will the evaporative cooling at Blue Chip’s new data centre in Bedford come into operation to maintain the temperature of cold aisles at 16°C.

One of the most energy-efficient data centres in Europe uses only 9% of the power input for supporting services — including cooling. Can anyone better a PUE of 1.1?


A new data centre in Bedford is the first company to receive a £500,000 loan from the carbon trust. The project involves the cooling of a 2mW data centre which will be cooled entirely by CRECS (computer room evaporative coolers) and is expected to have a PUE of 1.1 which will make it the most energy efficient data centre in Europe.

This loan is unsecured and interest free, with no arrangement fees and a straightforward application process. The Loan can be repaid over a period of up to four years and as the scheme is designed for energy savings to cover repayments, the loan will effectively pay for itself.

Low carbon Footprint cooling for Bristol City council’s new call centre…..

Fyvie Hall at the University of Westminster and its associate board room was consistently uncomfortable during periods of hot weather.  As with all universities the carbon impact of any cooling system needed to be more

Fyvie Hall is a listed building dating back to 1912 which hosted the first public viewing of a motion picture. The room is now used for education and conferences with a capacity of up to 150 people.  The design of any cooling system also had to comply with all of the constraints associated with a Grade 1 listed building

Above Fyvie hall is the board room.  This is a semi glazed building with natural ventilation.

Two side discharge EcoCoolers and an extraction system were installed to provide cooling for both rooms.  The existing ventilation ducts and openings were utilised to avoid any listed building implications.  The EcoCooling air supply fans are installed with pre and post sound attenuation to meet the internal requirement of NC40 and local restrictions.

A combined thermostat and humidistat in each room automatically controls the temperature with a maximum relative humidity.  This solution has satisfied the cooling requirements of these rooms. With less than 20% of the energy use and carbon impact of an equivalent refrigeration based cooling system this will contribute to the University of Westminster’s Sustainability and Responsibility programme.
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Itron Installs evaporative cooling in their server room in Felixstowe…..

A major high street frozen food retailer rolls out EcoCooling evaporative cooling throughout their stores creating Energy savings of over 50% by replacing existing air conditioning

Ecocooling installers have just completed 12 units in flagship Decathlon store at Stockport.

The figures quoted below were taken from an independent consultants report .....

   Capital cost      
Annual running


Alan Beresford MANAGING DIRECTOR OF ECOCOOLING is on the CIBSE steering committee for the design of data centre Cooling


Ecocooling have supplied 36 evaporative coolers for the world’s first 100 per cent carbon neutral, 100 per cent green, 100 per cent ethical factory creating top quality lingerie in cool conditions with minimum impact on the environment. We think that's pretty cool!

Read the article to find out more .....




Ecocooling economical evaporative coolingEcocooling economical evaporative cooling Evaporative Cooling from EcoCooling .... a Low Energy, Low Carbon Alternative to Air-Conditioning