Energy Efficient Mezzanine floor cooling at Lakeland

energy efficient cooling with Evaporative cooling at lakelandEcoCooling Limited, the UK’s largest supplier of evaporative coolers, has been particularly successful in the cooling of Mezzanine floor areas in large warehouses and factories. In the hot and uncomfortable working conditions that are often found in such work spaces, traditional cooling methods have proved expensive and unworkable. Evaporative cooling can provide a simple, safe and low cost solution to the problem of cooling people and processes.

EcoCooling ltd was called in to solve such a problem of uncomfortable working conditions on a newly installed mezzanine floor at Lakeland Ltd.

energy efficient air cooling with evaporative cooling by ecocooling

To satisfy the need for increased product volume Lakeland installed the mezzanine floor at their prestige distribution centre in Kendal. Once in use it was found that the working temperature for the operators on this new floor was not as comfortable as Lakeland would have liked. This common problem with mezzanines is largely due to the natural convection currents moving hot air upwards through the building.

Three EcoCooling ECPSDU internal suspended units were installed along the length of the mezzanine floor. Suspended units were used because there was already an existing ventilation system within the building. The coolers were suspended directly from the roof structure, ensuring that no additional construction work was necessary.

The air was directed from the coolers down the central picking corridor. This was achieved by using the standard stainless steel plenum chambers which permit 5 directions of air flow. This provided the required flexibility of flow rate, direction and the degree of diffusion required for the work area.

A single unit can typically provide cooling for a 12m diameter area or a 15m long corridor. This allows extremely effective spot cooling for energy intensive industries such as plastics manufacture or cooling of larger areas in warehouse operations.

energy efficient cooling with Evaporative cooling at lakelandMost buildings can support the lightweight units by suspension or bracketing from the existing structure. All services including drainage are run from above so no valuable floor space is used. Installation can be completed in a matter of hours and the units can be easily relocated as layouts change.

Legionnaires’ disease is a concern for many end users. Careful design and a simple water treatment programme have produced this low risk evaporative cooling system. It is supported by an independently validated risk assessment package which fully complies with all Government Guidelines.

A single unit consuming less than 1.5 KW of electricity and an average of 35L water per hour adds up to an hourly running cost of less than 10p and can supply 35KW of cooling for every 1KW of energy consumed. A constant flow of naturally cooled air is supplied without the use of environmentally damaging refrigerants. 

Such a unit can be typically installed for less than £5000 and this represents 25% of the cost of an equivalent capacity conventional air conditioning system.

The coolers can be integrated into existing building management control systems if required. At Lakeland however, each cooler is locally controlled to give operators complete control over their working conditions.

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Ecocooling economical evaporative coolingEcocooling economical evaporative cooling Evaporative Cooling from EcoCooling .... a Low Energy, Low Carbon Alternative to Air-Conditioning