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Data Centre Cooling - Installation Methods

CRECS have been installed both external to the building and within plant rooms. The use of raised floors for air distribution can be problematic and many designs use above floor techniques for air distribution.

The largest data centre evaporative cooling installation in the UK is 1.5MW with a design air flow rate of 135 cubic metres per second. This required a 1200mm raised floor. A higher density data centre at Cambridge university used a direct feed into the cold aisle to support 15kW per rack. (See case study)

Safehost Data Centre Evaporative Coolers Safehost Data Centre Evaporative Coolers
Safehost Data Centre Evaporative Coolers Safehost Data Centre Evaporative Coolers
A radical new design at Safehosts SE1 Data Centre of 30 coolers in stacks of 3 per floor will distribute the external air through the top of the cold aisles, using the access corridor as a mixing chamber.

Evaporative Cooling at 4D Data Centres

4D Data Centres external wall mounted installation 17 coolers provide 500kW of cooling for Tier 3 Co-location data centre.

Evaporative Cooling Systems - cooling data centres

Chip external modular installation in Bedford using raised floors to provide 135 cubic meters of cooled air per second.

Evaporative cooling - cooling data centresEvaporative cooling - economical cooling of data centres

Warwickshire County Council (2 pics) External installation using air directly fed into the cold aisle to provide cooling for 100kW load

Evaporative Cooling at Cambridge University data centre

Cambridge University – using Internal installation of CRECS providing a direct feed of cold air into the cold aisle for 15kW racks.

Evaporative Cooling the data centre at St. Andrews University
Evaporative Cooling Data Centre diagram - St. Andrews

St. Andrew's University

Ecocooling economical evaporative coolingEcocooling economical evaporative cooling Evaporative Cooling from EcoCooling .... a Low Energy, Low Carbon Alternative to Air-Conditioning