Energy Saving and Safety Features

energy saving from ecocooling evaporative coolingThe use of a variable speed axial fan allows each cooler to operate using the least amount of electricity possible, ramping up and down only as required. The coolers run off a 240v electricity supply, the equivalent to using 1½ bars of an electric fire. There is no requirement for 3 phase power. EcoCoolers use 90% less energy than an equivalent refrigeration system.

Up to 35Kw of cooling from just 1.5Kw of electricity

Water Saving Ecocooling evaporative cooling vs air conditioning

Water is a limited natural resource and its use is an area EcoCooling take very seriously. It is estimated an evaporative cooler will use on average 100 litres per hour on a very hot day in the UK. To put this in perspective taking a bath or a power shower uses 80 litres and washing your car with a hose pipe takes between 400-480 litres.

The standard industry figure for the carbon cost of water is 0.298g per litre. When you consider 1 KW of electricity takes 620g of carbon to produce, you could have 2,080 litres of water for that same 1 KW in carbon terms.

We have several measures in place to ensure water is not wasted.

The amount of water used in our cooler is kept to a minimum by the use of a unique level probe system which prevents the system overfilling along with a sophisticated control device which detects faults and signals an alarm light on the control panel alerting the user to a water supply or drainage problem enabling the problem to be corrected as quickly as possible to avoid wastage.

Water is only used when the ambient temperature goes above a given set point, to cool the air before it enters the building. A unique scale control device allows accurate measurement of the buildup of solids allowing water to be recirculated up to the point where the evaporation is compromised at which point the tank is drained and refilled. The drained water can be used for grey water usage such as toilets.

Low risk of Legionalla Carbon trust loans for evaporative cooling

Ecocoolers exceed the requirements of ACOP L8
NO water droplets
NO water above 20°C in the system
NO stagnant water
There has never been a known case of Legionnaires disease in an evaporative cooler and there are over 20 MILLION coolers installed in the western world.
A full risk assessment is provided when the units are commissioned.

(Read more detailed information on legionnaires disease)

Download a legionnaire risk assessment report on EcoCoolers by Dr Tom Makin co-author of the HSE L8 guidance document, and the NHS HTM2040 on the control of Legionella.

Insect Protection insect protection with evapoartive cooling

Removable Fly screens incorporated into the side panels are supplied as standard to protect the pads and provide basic hygiene - a must for food factories and other clean environments.cooling food production hygienically with evaporative cooling from ecocooling

Complete Drain Down of System evaporative cooling sump drains hourly

Unlike other evaporative coolers the sump of the EcoCooler empties completely whenever the system goes out of cooling mode, so that no stagnant water remains in the system. The system also drains completely once the scaling index is approached. This ensures that there is no build-up of bacteria in the water which could cause hygiene problems. An added benefit is that the Celldek pads last much longer than those of other coolers.

Patented Water Control System evaporative cooling sump drains hourly

A patented 4 probe water level system is used in the cooler to ensure that water is only brought in when required and is drained completely away when the sump empties to prevent the buildup of bacteria. The system measures the water at 4 levels, the top level probe prevents overfill of the system and hence water wastage; the 2 middle probes control the inflow and outflow of water; the bottom probe ensures the tank is emptied completely.

The system can be set for varying levels of water ph ensuring that scale buildup is kept to a minimum and water is brought in only when required. The system recirculates water until the salt buildup is sufficient for the sump to be completely drained and new water brought in.

Control Box Carbon trust loans for evaporative cooling

The standard control box which is included in the price of our coolers is compatible with all existing Building Management Systems. This enables shut down of the coolers and ventilation system in the event of a fire.  The controller can be linked to thermostats and humidistats and control extract fans.

A Schneider Crouzet PLC is also available at extra cost for the close control of data centres or other environments where more precise control is required.  Download our CREC Control Panel Specification for further information.

UK Health and Safety Legislation evaporative cooling sump drains hourly

EcoCoolers conform with all UK & European health and safety regulations

Maintenance evaporative cooler maintenance

EcoCoolers should be maintained twice a year. EcoCooling CRECS should be maintained at least 4 times per year.
Our operations and maintenance manual is available to download.

Ecocooling economical evaporative coolingEcocooling economical evaporative cooling Evaporative Cooling from EcoCooling .... a Low Energy, Low Carbon Alternative to Air-Conditioning