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Cambridge University Data Centre

Ecocooling are proud to be cooling a data centre at CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY

The Department is now running at a PUE of less than 1.1 with the EcoCooling CREC system operating at a COP of 20 giving a net reduction in energy use of 90%.


Nottingham Trent IT Suite

Nottingham Trent University use Ecocooling for new IT Suite - SEE CIBSE JOURNAL ARTICLE


Netwise Hosting Data Centre

Netwise Hosting use EcoCooling for their state of the art data centre in Surrey to obtain a PUE of 1.15 See video link. The new system is expected to save Netwise over £33000 of electricity per year and over 214 tonnes of carbon emissions compared to a conventional air conditioning option.

Matthew Butt, Managing Director of Netwise Hosting said "The EcoCooling system was installed within budget and on time and has performed brilliantly since commissioning. We are very happy with the performance and the results, we'll certainly be using them again".

Internet server provider CC

Internet server provider CCS has invested in the EcoCooling CREC fresh air system for their data centre in Leeds. It is part of a £150000 investment in the new data centre which can house 4800 servers , CCS has installed the EcoCooling system which will significantly reduce the carbon costs and carbon emissions. The system which was part funded with a £36,000 grant from the carbon trust, harnesses the natural process of evaporation to provide the cooling. Peter Knapp MD explains "At a time when many companies are cutting back on investment, at CCS we believe it is vitally important that we continue to invest in the best infrastructure to ensure that existing and new clients benefit from the best possible service. Our new data centre in Leeds is as advanced as any in the world. Moreover, while the systems underscores the CCS's commitment to the environment it also means that we reduce our costs which will be passed on to our customers in the corporate sector."

Ceredigion Council - Head office Cooling

Aberstwyth Council have just fitted 5 EcoCoolers to the front of their Air Handling Units (AHU's) at their 'state of the art' head offices These units will cool the entering air during the summer periods to reduce the cooling load on the cooling system and minimise running costs.

Each cooler is estimated to save over £2600 per annum and over 12 tonnes of carbon.

Netwise Hosting use Evaporative Cooling

Netwise Hosting use EcoCooling for their state of the art data centre in Surrey to obtain a PUE of 1.15 See video link. The new system is expected to save Netwise over £33000 of electricity per year and over 214 tonnes of carbon emissions compared to a conventional air conditioning option.

Matthew Butt, Managing Director of Netwise Hosting said "The EcoCooling system was installed within budget and on time and has performed brilliantly since commissioning. We are very happy with the performance and the results, we'll certainly be using them again".

Guernsey Post find environmentally sound cool cooling solution

Guernsey Post finds an economical and environmentally sound cooling solution to provide a comfortable working environment in their Sorting Hall

Bristol City Council expect to save electricity and carbon

Bristol City Council expect to save £60,000 of electricity per annum and over 438 tonnes of carbon with their environmentally responsible date centre cooling system

UK Solutions use less power

UK Solutions environmentally friendly evaporative cooling system (CREC) uses less than 1.2kW of power which is less than a tenth of the old Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) requirement.

Net a Porter

Net A Porter use 14 EcoCoolers to cool their new warehouse in Charlton.

Barnsley Bakery use Evaporative Cooling

Manor Bakeries takes out existing refrigeration based cooling system and replaces it with EcoCooling at their bakery in Barnsley

M247 apply to Green Grid

M247 apply to Green Grid for verification of 1.1 PUE

6th Form College use Environmentally Friendly Ecocoolers

New 6th Form College at Ipswich uses Environmentally friendly EcoCoolers to cool the Sports hall and exam sitting area.

EcoCooling provide 500kW of cooling for M247

James Hamilton - Vice President and Distinguished Engineer on the Amazon Web Services read what he says about Ecocooling in his blog

Blue Chip Data Centre

EcoCooling provide cooling for 2mW DATA CENTRE for Blue chipread more

Carbon Trust Loan

EcoCooling secure largest ever carbon trust loan of £500,000 for data centre cooling project in Bedford

Low Carbon Footprint

Low carbon Footprint cooling for Bristol City council’s new call centre….. read more

Carbon Reduction Commitment

What is the carbon reduction commitment scheme and how can EcoCooling help? read more

4D win Green Data Centre project of the year

4D's win can be partly attributed to the EcoCoooling cooling system installed at their Byfleet data centre. Its green credentials are proving a pull for carbon concerned businesses. Read the 4D Press release to find out more


Cooling London Underground

11 london underground ticketing halls now cooled by EcoCooling just in time for the Olympics

Netwise & Ecocooling one year on

12 months on from its installation at NH:DC1, the EcoCooling CREC system has been functioning above and beyond initial expectations, reducing operating costs by as much as 90%, and delivering a world-class capacity PUE of just 1.15.


The latest in data center cooling technology can reduce your IT cooling costs and carbon footprint by 90 per cent

Google may have been overtaken as the most effective power user in the IT world by a UK-based IT cooling system produced by EcoCooling.


Yorkshire Water

‘We couldn't be more pleased with our new data centre, one that ticks all the right boxes when it comes to efficiency and performance’

The new data centre for Yorkshire Water in Bradford is a highly resilient, low-carbon, sustainable designed data centre for a mixed use, mixed density data hall. The EcoCooling CREC system employed has delivered a PUE of less than 1.2 which has allowed it to operate at world class levels of PUE. The design of the cooling and power infrastructure is modular, allowing stepped growth from a predicted day one technical load of 150kW to a future level of 320kW.


A radical new design of 30 coolers in stacks of 3 per floor will distribute the external air through the top of the cold aisles, using the access corridor as a mixing chamber.




The Cambridge Subway Beehive site is now using 75% less power than the equivalent site and is being held up as a flag ship example of green technology for the whole of the Subway chain


Wellington Civil & Leisure Centre

Wellington leisure centre re-opened its doors on the 12th March 2012 after a huge refurbishment. The ‘state of the art’ centre has been open for almost a year now, one aspect of the refurbishment that the council are particularly pleased with is the centre’s new evaporative cooling system from EcoCooling, a low energy and low carbon alternative to air conditioning.

‘As a council we strive to decrease our carbon footprint by as much as possible,’ commented Steve Wiggin, Mechanical Building Services Engineer for Telford and Welkin Council. ’In 2011 we were awarded the Carbon Trust Standard and so have a high standard to maintain. Our new EcoCooling system is one of a number of carbon saving features we’ve incorporated into our leisure centre to help us achieve our green goals.’ Telford and Welkin’s target is to achieve an 80 per cent reduction in their carbon footprint by 2050, no mean feat.

The system installed in Wellington uses 80 tonnes less carbon over a year in comparison to an air conditioning system and it was 20% less expensive to install. To put that in perspective 80 tonnes of carbon is roughly equivalent to driving 144,000 miles in an average sized car, which is over 5 times around the world! This is in addition to the energy savings achieved - evaporative cooling uses 90% less energy than a traditional refrigeration system and has no refrigerants.

‘The cooler is working well in our gym’ commented Robin Glover from Wellington Civic & Leisure Centre ‘the air is always fresh, clean and cool now. We are very happy with our evaporative cooler.’

Alan Beresford MD of EcoCooling says, ‘most of our installations can create payback in less than 3 years - with data centres the return on investment can be under nine months so all of our customers are very happy with the savings. In leisure facilities in particular however, we see additional benefits in solving air quality problems.’ The EcoCooling system provides a constant flow of fresh air all the time, extracting the hot stale air out of the building; this is useful in eliminating odour, a problem that can often be faced in gyms, work-out area and changing rooms.

The EcoCooling system has been an outright success cutting carbon emissions as well as cost not to mention leaving gym users at Wellington Leisure feeling cool and fresh, the old costly air conditioning has been banished for good!


Talk Talk

Mark Jacobs Energy & Facilities Manager said ..... "We are extremely happy with the performance of our EcoCoolers, the system consumes 87% less power than the previous DX system did and our data hall is now cooler than it ever was before. We were expecting to have to utilise the secondary system (DX) occasionally, but the EcoCooling system has performed very well and the secondary system has remained off."



Data Centre Management Magazine - Safehost Opens with 1.06 PUE


Blue Chip goes Green

Blue Chip has halved the total power requirement for the data centre by choosing "eco-friendly" adiabatic cooling and cold-aisle containment..


Award Winning Low Carbon DataCentre

University of Aberdeen uses EcoCooling for their award winning Data Centre READ CASE STUDY


As 200th Installation Announced, Direct-Air Evaporative Cooling Becomes Mainstream

Using CRECs (computer room evaporative coolers) can save over 90 per cent of the energy needed to cool a data centre says Alan Beresford Managing and Technical Director


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Major Savings from new cooling solution

For several years now Data Centres have been cutting the cost of cooling by 80 to 90 per cent thanks to direct-air evaporative cooling. Market leader EcoCooling has now developed a smaller unit ideal for the telecoms room and small server rooms which have historically been some of the most expensive locations to cool due to the highly inefficient and often unsuitable refrigeration cooling units deployed.


DCN TV news update from EcoCooling.

Award winning datacentres, new innovative installations and new product showcases, DCN TV walk you through the latest news from EcoCooling in this short video.


DCN TV news update from EcoCooling

Why the Ecocooling CREC System is a safe, economic choice for cooling Data Centres in this short video ...


EcoCooling Showcasing latest cooling technology at DCW

EcoCooling, the leaders in ultra-low PUE direct evaporative cooling and ventilation systems will exhibit their latest cooling technology on Stand D40 at Data Centre World Conference & Expo on 11 and 12 March.


New landing page added

Pharmaceutical cooling. Advancements in controls technology over the years have allowed us to reinvent the way we cool warehouses, applying some of the techniques picked up for our data centre installations. See our specialist page for information on how evaporative cooling can cool your warehouse to MHRA standard for up to 10% of the cost of air-conditioning


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Data Centre World

Thank you everyone who came to see us at Datacentreworld this month. If you missed the event and would like to receive a copy of our presentation please email sales@ecocooling.org.

New Products

Please see the products page for updates to our cooler range including the new ECT10800.


Sales Manual

New IT cooling, ventilation and controls sales manual released. (Link to download) Includes information on all our new products, control systems and also an overview of how our equipment can perform to ASHRAE compliant conditions.


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EcoCooling announce partnership with The Node Pole Alliance

The network of +80 technology and construction partners in The Node Pole Alliance will shorten investors’ time to market. Partners believe in the qualities of The Node Pole as the ideal location for data centers and high tech industry. All partners guarantee ability and capacity to deliver in our region. Together we support our investors in every stage of the development as well as during operations.

Node Pole website.

A lower PUE and total load is enabled by the Arctic climate offering free air cooling all year round. It is proven by existing facilities, that nature’s combined forces can enable cost savings and more efficient operations. The Node Pole is near the Arctic Circle, and is the coldest and northernmost region in Sweden and prime position to take advantage of the savings which can be exploited with direct fresh air evaporative cooling from EcoCooling.

More information coming soon.

EcoCooling to exhibit and present at The Eco Technology Show 2015

More information about the event and where you will find us can be found on our Events page.

Register Free here

Ecocooling economical evaporative coolingEcocooling economical evaporative cooling Evaporative Cooling from EcoCooling .... a Low Energy, Low Carbon Alternative to Air-Conditioning

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