Olympiad Leisure Centre in Chippenham is one of the largest leisure and activity centres in Wiltshire, offering first class health, sport and fitness facilities.

Gym members expect a comfortable space to exercise in. As such it is essential that the air cooling system provides the right climate for them. Evaporative cooling provided by EcoCooling ensures sweat and body odours are removed and available oxygen levels are maintained.

Sport and leisure centres inherently use more energy than most other operations and as part of a plan to reduce costs, EcoCooling products helped Olympiad Leisure Centre become more energy and cost-efficient. With the increasingly important factor of being more environmentally friendly.

When compared to traditional air-conditioning, the EcoCooling solution gives up to 90% energy saving when in standard evaporative cooling mode. As well as the huge energy savings, which are particularly large if the gym is running 24/7, are the advantages of fresh air cooling, which does not recycle air through the room and provides fresh cool, outside air.  The elimination of any odours through the exhaust makes for a clean environement for users and is one of the reasons evaporative cooling is so popular in this industry.

Working with Leisure Centre management and EcoCooling, installers SMARTech energy were able to deliver the install programme to ensure that the gym remained operational throughout.

EcoCooling are the industry leaders in energy efficient cooling.  Using over 15 yers experience of designing solutions for a range of applications and spaces including; leisure, retail, manufacturing, warehouses and offices.

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