Keeping cool in an explosive situation – ATEX rated cooling and extraction systems from EcoCooling

When leading pharmaceuticals manufacturer Carbogen wanted to keep their manufacturing and storage facilities cool they contacted EcoCooling. The ECP external range of evaporative coolers has been used by a number of pharmaceutical companies to cost effectively cool their manufacturing and storage warehouses across Europe. Therefore EcoCooling, alongside their installers, were ideally to ensure that Carbogen achieved ATEX rating for cooling system design, meaning that any equipment fitted in there had to be suitable for such a dangerous environment.

Cooling System Brief
Heat and fumes needed to be extracted from both areas (see below installation images). Additionally, filtered replacement air had to be provided in order to slightly pressurise the area, this was to maintain the high hygiene standards required in the pharmaceutical industry. To achieve this ECP Small EcoCooler top-flow, wall mounted units with steam heater batteries were chosen, providing up to 3m3/s of air per cooler, ATEX fans and an external G4 grade filtration system were also part of the design. EcoCooling’s wrap around filters are not only easy to replace and maintain but can provide G4 filtration on all external air coming through the coolers.

A steam heating system was used to temper the incoming air during the cooler winter months rather than an attemperation system as the heat gain in the building was quite low.

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Cooler 1 - EcoCooling evaporative cooling installation - Pharmaceutical Warehouse Cooling